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What does justice look like in the future? Maybe a little like this?

The Wanderer: An Urban Legend

by Elle Pepper

The Wanderer

Judica was not always a planet divided. It was once a beautiful water planet. That is not to say there was no desert, but you could stand at the edge of the singing dunes, on a sharp outcrop of stone and watch as the waves lapped against it in an even rhythm. The sky, back then was a beautiful purple blue, before the satellites came.

Our sun is white, but we are the farthest planet from it, and so the weather is nice. I can just barely remember the waves breaking against the piers, once a place from which take the large ships to the floating settlements, now used to moor the settlements so they don't bump into the field that bars us from our lands.

Great fields were put out from the sky, they pushed back the water so they could mine, or so they said, but we know the truth, they were not looking to mine our world, they were looking to kill it, and slowly they are succeeding. Out of the copper wasteland they made, a single figure walked, garbed in black, he became the vengeance of the desert.

The great Judican desert has no other name; it never has. It is as if the natives felt that no words, no phrase could properly quantify the meaning of those brittle copper sands that shift in the evening breeze. These were forbidden and unforgiving lands.

The great desert including the singing dunes had been deeded in perpetuity and beyond to a single solitary figure, a being more myth than man. The Wanderer is the only name that figure has ever had. It is the only one he has ever needed. And this seemingly deathless specter was, by now, relegated to the status of nothing more than an urban legend.

But he is far from an urban legend. He exists and those few of us who know him, are now finally ready to tell his tale. This is the true tale of the Wanderer.


Copyright © by Elle Pepper . All rights reserved unless specified otherwise above.

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