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What is iFiction?

iFiction stories are stories you sell directly to readers.

iFiction is like iTunes — readers pay a small amount for your great stories. They can read the first part for free (up to a point you determine), then pay an amount you determine to read the rest. Readers can pay by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex, or PayPal. You receive the payment via PayPal.

PayPal fees: For a standard Paypal account, fees are currently 30¢ + 3%, so if you listed a story for 99¢, you'd get 66¢. If you listed for 49¢, you'd get 18¢ (comparable to Amazon Shorts), and so on.

As described on this link, PayPal also offers a 5¢ + 5% option, which is better for any amounts under $12. That link describes how to do it (and that you must use a separate paypal and bank account from the 30¢/3% account you may already have with Paypal). It ultimately points you to this link at paypal to set up a micropayment account. A 99¢ story then nets you 89¢, and so on. I've set this up for myself and it works well.

To put your story up on iFiction, use this upload form.

Once you like the look of it, you should publicize the link, on your home page, etc. (If you're a SFWA member, you should link it to the SFWA Fiction page by using this link: Add a new online fiction link on Don Sakers' SupportSF site, and then send out a press release via the SFWA Pressbook. )

Note that the entire amount goes to you directly from readers (except what Paypal takes). There is no charge to use this service, though if you find iFiction useful, you may make a donation (appreciated but in no way required).

iFiction was created and is hosted / maintained by science fiction author Andrew Burt.

iFiction Tools for Authors

If you want to upload a new story, upload it here.

If you want to update information about a story, edit it here.

If you need to remove a story, click here.

If you forgot your password, click here.


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