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Boober and the Association do some acquiring

The Teeth of the Jade Lady

by D.F.Coe

*_The Teeth of the Jade Lady_*

By D.F. Coe

Each-of-You was the dead god of dead gnomes. His only current follower was the crazy hafling Boober ap Grumbly. Boober was a ranking member of the national thieves guild and in the city of Oo'rahnoe he was considered the best. At 3 feet, 3 inches tall and a weight of 95lbs he looked as dangerous as a salad bowl.

His purpose was to heist the greatest gems of the world bringing honor to Each-of-You. When he wasn't acquiring honor for his god, he worked on building the temple of the dead gnome; the center of the worship of Each-of-You.

"Thelon, why do you serve but not believe?"

The black bearded dwarf grunted. "I help you build this temple because you pay me well."

"Each-of-You rewards even the servile unbelievers."

"I adventured with Each-of-You. His worship is not warranted."

"Come with me and I'll take your confession." Boober responded.

"I"m going to have to raise my fees you keep trying to imitate a cleric." Thelon remarked. "Now let me finish my work."

"The lord of the upper gate has recently acquired the teeth of the jade lady. These would bring much honor to Each-of-You. Gather the association, tonight we worship."

Dismantling the upper-gate lock was child's play for Boober Grumbly. The small band of acquirerers known as _the association_ made their way quietly to the mansion of Lord T'Quan Qi, an aristocrat of ill repute and much wealth.

Juxt the light-hearted, played his flute as the guarding elite approached. They collapsed in rapt admiration. Thelon posted himself as sentry outside the manor as The Scalp Hunter levitated the remaining to the fourth floor balcony.

Juxt played his flute, convincing the lock on the balcony door to unlock. He changed his tune, convincing the door to open. A yellow bolt of energy shot out from the lock, taking Juxt in the throat.

"Your sacrifice will be rewarded." Whispered Boober as they stepped over his body. "Make haste, the alert is sounded." Boober, The Scalp Hunter, and Doyle moved into the hallway. Doyle responded to the staircase, the elite of the Lord were coming fast. His claymore, drank deeply, dispensing of all. Blood ran from his temple. He stood guard at the staircase. Boober and The Scalp Hunter proceeded to the Lord's chambers.

Lord Qi and his personal elite barred the door. A cloak of fog emanated from Lord Qi's hands. The elite sprang to action, hands and fangs their only weapons.

"The elite are mine." Shouted The Scalp Hunter, as he swung his blade made of mithril, silver, and earth's blood.

"I will drink of your blood." The Lord growled grabbing Boober's throat.

"I think not, unbeliever." The sickle he wore at his throat in honor of his god was made of silver and earth's blood. He plunged it into Lord Qi's breast."

Doyle had been turned to the elite. Fortunately, he still served _the association._ The Lord's head decorated the mantel. Boober kept the two largest teeth to honor Each-of-You.


Copyright © by D.F.Coe . All rights reserved unless specified otherwise above.

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