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The bard, Juxt, has a chilling experience.

Juxt, Terrel and Malcolm

by D.F. Coe

*_Juxt, Terrel, and Malcolm_*

by Darrin F. Coe

Juxt the light hearted was the younger brother of Joyxt, known as the diamond butterfly and the older brother of Talismyanna also known as the orc bane. "You know, Terrel," Juxt said to the barkeep, "I love my sister dearly but if I could stick a knife in my brother's back I'd be the most light-hearted bard about."

"Why do you hate your brother so?" Terrel responded as he washed beer mugs and then had his pet ice drake, Malcolm frost them. "Every night you come in here, drink Orcinian Black until you're about to fall off your stool, then you begin the I-hate-my-brother speech. You're not even fit to play for you drink tonight."

"The diamond butterfly is not all he's polished up to be." Juxt slurred into his mug of Orcinian Black. "I was supposed to be placed in the butterfly sect along with him but my father decided I was not disciplined enough as a child. Who the hell cares about all that bowing and kneeling and meditating. Then you've got Joyxt acting like he's got some kinda stick up his nether regions. I HATE him!!"

"Well, the rest of the world seems to think differently. Apparently, he's considered one of the greatest of the butterfly sect. A truly compassionate Elf of grace, whom even the gods think twice about confronting. Is it true about his fight with Louis the dark god?"

"Yes, it's true he fought the dark god to a standstill. How Louis got to be a god I'll never understand. Of course, Joyxt had help. His eyes have been blessed of Syn and Malcolm, - the god not the snow drake. Louis still should have been able to destroy him but nooooo!! That punk of a god could just barely hold his own against a mere Elven monk." Then Juxt burst off his stool, grabbing Terrel around the neck and shouted, "Your just like the rest of them. You think he's some kind of god. If it weren't for him it'd be me you'd be worshiping." The dark, smokey Inn known as the Hero's Pair-O-dice, fell silent. Terrel squeaked, "Malcom!"

The ice drake stood to it's full height and looked down on the dark bard holding his master. "Release him or I'll freeze you and scatter your shattered remnants to every ice box in the city."

"Piss off, Malcolm!" Juxt slurred loudly. "You're no match for my magick! I've stolen better magick than you'll ever have at your disposal and as far as that breath of yours, if you try to freeze me I'll, I'll, I'll rip the icicles from your throat and piss down your nostrils."

Incidently, a poor response when threatened by an adult ice drake. "Why do you say such things? It's lucky I know you when you're not drunk." Malcolm waited just a moment, then with a tight spray of frosted death he covered Juxt with a precision that would've drove a watch crafter mad with envy, and froze him solid. "Be very still my master." He instructed Terrel. With a well practiced strike from his tail he shattered the frozen Juxt into a million shards of bard. Pieces of Juxt flew everywhere.

"I'm getting tired of doing that." Malcolm complained to Terrel as he resumed his spot on the floor.

"Well, perhaps it will hold true tonight." Terrel responded. Someone near the bar gasped, "He's reconstructing himself!" Apparently a newcomer.

Malcolm looked out over the bar to watch as the scattered shards of the frozen dark bard rolled across the floor, "Not tonight, Malcolm. You know he really is a fairly nice Elf and a wonderful musician. Perhaps, we can get something to put in his drink to stop him from getting this drunk?"

"Perhaps." The ice drake sighed.

The pieces of bard all met together at the stool he'd been sitting on and pieced themselves together. Soon a very cool and wet Juxt sat once again on his bar stool.

"Sorry `bout that Terrel. You must be getting really tired of that Malcolm."

"Can you please, either not drink Orcinian Black or not talk about your brother." Malcolm asked him amiably.

A hooded being sat down next to Juxt at the bar and hissed, "I think I can help you. Not everyone in the realm holds the diamond butterfly in high esteem." Juxt looked at Terrel and smiled. Terrel just shook his head in resignation.


Copyright © by D.F. Coe . All rights reserved unless specified otherwise above.

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