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A off-beat look into the mystery of that (in) famous Loch.

Nessie Thirteen

by Tony Thorne MBE


Here´s another look into that ancient mystery ...


That Saturday night, when it happened, I'd had a great evening at our local hostelry close by the Loch. We'd been celebrating Scotland's big win that afternoon and, after all the good food and drink the landlord served, I'd had several more drams than usual. The right formula for initiating a nightmare, if that's what it was.

It was dark when I woke up, still only half-dressed of course. There was this weird apparition, at the foot of the bed, staring at me. It definitely wasn't human, not with long flat arms and a big head on a long stalk. I was petrified. It was opening and closing its mouth like a stranded fish. I couldn't see the rest of its body. It must have been on the other side of something, looking like a smoky circular mirror, floating in mid-air.

Then after a sneeze, and a few gurgles, it spoke to me in quite good English with just the trace of an accent, which I couldn't place.

"Greetings mortal biped creature." It exclaimed, with a noisy cough. "You have been chosen to learn and understand our destiny. You must listen very carefully to what I have to tell you, because you will be questioned about it later."

It sounded interesting, maybe even a little threatening, so I listened. Other than try hard to wake up, if it was a nightmare, what else could I have done in the circumstances? After I gave it a nervous nod, the weird creature sneezed again and continued.

"My home planet is about forty light years distant from here, in your terminology that is. I am the senior representative of an advanced scientific race. Back in your year number 564 our scientists developed the galaxy's first working, two-way, mass transmitter and receiver. We sent the first experimental unit to your planet, soon after that. Once activated we transmitted a volunteer member of my family down to it. Your water planet is the only one near enough to ours to be habitable. Unfortunately, the experiment was a failure and we had to bring him back. Since then we have tried several more times and sent other volunteers. We are a very large family, by your standards, and long living too."

It paused, waving its flat arms slowly, then continued, after another cough.

"Unfortunately, the whole operation so far has been a failure. Everything always worked well with the tests we undertook, back on our own planet, from one tank to another. However, those relatives we managed to transmit to your planet arrived in an incoherent state. Their brains became scrambled somehow, and instead of making contact with your authorities, they just swam around, up and down, and in circles. We always had to bring them back for extensive treatment and care. It seems that the vast distances involved led to an attenuation of the most complex parts of the data energy stream, namely our brain patterns. However, that wasn't the only problem"

The apparition unfolded its flat arms and grasped my bed rail.

To be continued ...


Copyright © by Tony Thorne MBE . All rights reserved unless specified otherwise above.

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