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The Legend of the Blue Unicorn is a story about a tribe of 11 magical unicorns and one plain blue one. Read about Blue’s adventure to save his tribe from the unicorn eating Manticore and how he gains his own magic along the way.

The Legend of the Blue Unicorn

by Sybrina Durant

The Legend of the Blue Unicorn

Chapter 1

A long time ago, when the earth was very young and unicorns roamed the land, a frail, dull looking baby unicorn was born.

Now, all the others in his tribe had bright, shiny, metal horns with special magic powers, but not him. His horn was covered with a plain blue hide, and he didn't have any special powers.

At first the tribe was afraid of the young unicorn because he was so different. As the years went by, they treated him as if he didn't exist..all but one that is, one who was pure of heart...

Chapter 2

One glorious summer afternoon the whispering winds sailed through the forest and cool puffs of air drifted up from the icy lake. The blue unicorn peeked out through the dense leaves at a small clearing where the other unicorns gathered each morning.

"Toodle-loodle-loo, toodle-loodle-loo," fluted a white unicorn's diamond encrusted silver horn. "In the friendship circle, we gather in peace. Yellow, green or purple; north, west, south or east!" sang the lovely filly with flowers woven into her mane.

"Blatt-bleep-bloop!" screeched the brass horn of a lemon and lime colored unicorn. His horn had rudely broken the morning's stillness as a piece of citrus fruit fell from his mane-do.

Everyone glared at him as he kicked the lemon around on the ground.

"Ferrum, stop that!" they all shouted.

The angry unicorn swung around to face them. Two more lemons and limes fell from his mane-do.

"I'll nix that fruit," replied Nix Nickel Horn. The dark grey unicorn sent a magic lightning bolt to lift the lemon in the air.

Style, the purple unicorn, stepped forward and announced, "I'll take care of his hard to manage mane-do." Turning to Ferrum, she said "the way you're always moving around, I knew it wouldn't stay put." She primped with her headband, and adjusted her leggings. With a sigh, the filly touched Ferrum's head with her steel horn. The purple amethysts embedded in it sparkled magically, and the citrus fruits returned to Ferrum's mane.

"Thanks, Style," he said. He didn't sound very grateful.

Style just shrugged it off. She suddenly felt hungry. "Tinam, what's for lunch?" she asked the bright yellow unicorn with the tin horn.

The chubby fellow's mane stuck out straight like uncooked spaghetti from under his chef's hat. "I've prepared sweet steamy carrots drizzled with butter and baked apples sprinkled with nutmeg," coaxed Tinam. The thought of it made his stomach grumble and everyone laughed.

"It sounds yum-yum-yummy, and I've got some fresh drinking water to wash it down with," said a jolly round unicorn. "Let's all go back to the Halstable and eat," Cuprum eagerly said lifting her copper horn. She spun around on one rear hoof causing her green and red-streaked mane to fly out wildly.

"That sounds good," said an old black stallion with an eye-glass squinted in one eye. He scratched his rough beard, as if in deep thought.

"Hmm, a hot lunch will help us iron out our problems." He pointed homeward with his iron horn. "All those in favor say Aye."

Everyone agreed, so Iown happily led the Tribe of the Metal Horn toward the Halstable.

Nix stopped and his neck snapped erect. "Hmm, I have a strange feeling someone is in danger." He shrugged it off and said lowly, "must be a bad signal because we're all together". He rejoined the others, but he still felt uneasy about his vision.

"Toodle-loodle-loo, toodle-loodle-loo," the fluting of Silubra's horn trailed back through the trees to the ears of the lonely unicorn.

Chapter 3

"Sure", whinnied Blue, lowering his head sadly. "Every color is welcome in the Friendship Circle, except mine. If only I had a magic metal horn, instead of this dumb old blue one, maybe then they'd want me around." He sulked quietly, and twitched his tail back and forth just slightly.

"B-u-z-z-z-z-y b-i-t-e-r, b-u-z-z-z-z-y b-i-t-e-r!" raged the war cry from a fuming mad bee creature. "B-u-z-z-z-z-y b-i-t-e-r, "B-u-z-z-z-z-y b-i-t-e-r!"

The insect buzzed around Blue, then zeroed in on his backside.

"Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!" yelped Blue twitching his tail frantically. The pain was unbearable. "Oh, I don't feel so good."

He could barely walk but he knew he must get back to the Halstable. Anyone stung by a Buzzy-biter needed medical attention quick.

"I'm out here in the hot sun, hurt and all alone. I'm the only unicorn who doesn't have a magic power. What if I'm eaten by the Manticore? No one would even know! No one would even care," he moaned, feeling sorry for himself. "I couldn't outrun him. He's as swift as a lion," Blue gulped, suddenly frightened. He pushed onward, trying not to think of the Manticore's deadly scorpion tail.

Finally, the Halstable was in sight. He approached the double doors which were visible only to unicorns and opened them. "Ghel," he kept calling in a whisper.

He found the golden unicorn relaxing on a long low sofa. In one split hoof she held a feather pen. She softly read aloud to herself, "You can't tell a book by its cover. You must open it to read what's within."

She closed her diary and whispered, "I love Blue so." Her long, honey-colored mane fell across her body.

"Ungh!" gasped Blue. "A buz-z-z-y biter. The stinger." Then, he fell unconscious.

"Blue!" Ghel exclaimed. Wasting no time, she galloped through the hall calling, "Dr. Zinco, come quick!" "Too-too-ta-too," alerted her golden horn.

"He's in his office," an elderly grey unicorn called after her. "What's wrong?" Lauda asked, peering over her granny glasses.

"Blue's been poisoned by a Buzzy-biter!" returned Ghel.

"Oh baloney," huffed the unicorn with the lead horn. "You might know he wouldn't have sense enough to stay out of those bug infested bushes."

When Ghel and Dr. Zinco arrived, Lauda was watching over Blue. "This wouldn't have happened if he'd taken a dose of my potion," she huffed as she shook her head in disgust.

"He doesn't like the smell," Ghel defended Blue. "None of us do. Why do your magic potions have to stink?"

The white unicorn bent over Blue totally ignoring the two fillies. He worked busily to prick the stinger out. Then he injected a medical potion into Blue's backside with his zinc horn.

Blue began to stir. "He's coming around," Dr. Zinco assured the ladies. Blue moaned and looked up groggily at Ghel. "Great Google-ly-moogle-ly, what happened?" he croaked.

"You almost died, you nin-com-poop!" Lauda snorted.

"Don't listen to her," Ghel reassured Blue. She kissed him on the cheek, saying firmly, "you must rest now, dearest." The three unicorns left him alone to sleep.


Copyright © 2000 by Sybrina Durant . All rights reserved unless specified otherwise above.

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