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Everyone has idle thoughts about violence that they ignore. But for Lisa Phillips the temptation may be too great. *Very mild gore.

Idle Thoughts

by K.C. Randall

Lisa Philips was afraid of heights. It was the one thing she didn't inherit. Her corn silk hair came from her mother. The deep brown eyes and oval face came from her father. Grandma Elsie donated the long legs that were counterbalanced by Uncle Norm's enormous feet. But acrophobia wasn't found anywhere in the family tree.

Her parents told her it stemmed from a family trip to the Grand Canyon when she was just over a year old. Her father wanted to give her a better view, so he held her up and leaned over the railing. Apparently she had enjoyed it at first, even giggling with her precious infant laugh. But her father had lingered in space a few moments too long and Lisa had suddenly started to scream like the devil had just pinched her leg. She was inconsolable until they buckled her safely into the car. It was from this day that as a child she wouldn't go anywhere near the edge... of anything. Not the curb of the street, not the edge of the steps, she didn't even jump on the bed.

Fortunately for Lisa, she had very supportive parents. They taught her to face her fears, to conquer them. They would go camping in the mountains, take long hikes along narrow ridges, and ride the tallest roller coasters. `There is nothing to fear, but fear itself' became Lisa's personal mantra.

On one such occasion near her eighth birthday, while viewing the particularly majestic vista of a 500 foot ravine, Lisa had a disturbing thought. "What if I fell?" The thought surprised her, coming as if from nowhere. And then her mother took her by the hand and they turned around and walked back down the trail.

In Junior High, Lisa met Billy Grover at the Spring Fair and they rode the Ferris Wheel together. Lisa had never been so scared. Then, just as they peaked the circle and began to come down again, the wheel stopped. Lisa thought she could see the whole city from that basket. And then she thought, "What if I jumped?"



Copyright © 2008 by K.C. Randall . All rights reserved unless specified otherwise above.

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