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Excitement breaks out in an engineering lab when power goes out. Readers find out why but they also learn how the world of engineering has changed in the next 200 years.

The Futre of Engineering

by Miriam Pia

The Future of Engineering

By Miriam Pia

1995 / 2010

Disruption struck the engineering laboratory of an English university. Computer screens crackled and went dark. Testers and timers scratched; fuses burst in those bundles of electronic parts. Graduate students gasped and cursed. Students looked away from their projects to their comrades. "Did you just lose power?" they asked each other.

Office doors swung wide. The advanced students and those with the prestige of office space squinted up to the glowing neon lights and cursed in a variety of languages. None of them were British.

"It's the storm," suggested an undergraduate working on her final project.

A German man glowered. "Storm? There is no storm."

"Have you been outside recently?" the young woman replied. "Have you even been near a window leading to the outside world?"

The young German man with the office without windows frowned. "No, I haven't."

"Me neither," the young woman shrugged. "Just seems probable that a storm would have caused it."

The German shook his head briefly, confused. Before he mustered a response several professors burst into the laboratory with flapping ties. "Who did it?!" one of them shouted.


Copyright © 19952010 by Miriam Pia . All rights reserved unless specified otherwise above.

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