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Jamie has gone through some tough things. He's always feel that internal pain. And now he wants it to stop, for it all to end. But will he be able to end it?

The Pain Within

by Jasmine Diaz

Jamie watched as the others sat around the television, watching some random movie that had happened to come on. He wasn't even surprised that they had yet to notice that he hadn't moved from his spot in the hallway, where he could see them and they could see him. They were just too engrossed in the movie and themselves that they didn't seem to even care that they were leaving out someone. It didn't matter that that someone was the one that owned the apartment that they were currently in.

But then again it was never hard to over look him. Sure he was one of the nicest, sweetest, smartest person in the group but that never got him recognized. Not entirely. More often then not he was taken advantage by those that he called friends. But there were times that he felt that he was a part of the group, that he actually belonged with them. That he wasn't just someone there that made it easier for the rest of them to have fun.

It had been like that from the moment that the others had seen the new transfer student. A meek little punk rocker. It was clear to see that while he may dress punk, almost to the point of being emo, he wasn't the type to be out there about it. He would rather stay in a corner by himself. But those that would later become "friends" with Jamie saw what many others would mistake for aloofness. Jamie was in fact a great pushover and they instantly put that to their use.

It had been a year already since Jamie had met that group, a year since he went from having no friends because his father kept having to move, depending on where the business took him. Being of age now in his final year of high school he was able to stay behind and have an apartment instead of moving again. This decision of course was very much influenced by his friends that would want a meek rich kid to move away when they could keep taking advantage of him.


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