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The young orc Grotuk' generally keeps to himself, a quiet and easy going orc child in his villages. Everything in his life takes a drastic turn for the worse however, when he loses everything and everyone he's ever loved, completely alone in the world... In this touching tale Grotuk' wonders if he will ever again, find a friend he can trust...

The Orc Who Finds a Friend

by David B. Beaver


    The Orc Who Finds a Friend

A brightly shining bonfire illuminates an otherwise dark village in the night. The village is one of many that dot the vast and barren landscape of the wastelands in Dalberak. Loud drums and song alike can be heard for miles. A gathering of orcs dances and celebrates together around the great fire. Smiles light up every face. The singing grows louder and more triumphant as the night continues. Children run around giggling, singing, and playing together. A large orc rubs his rounded belly up and down, tongue sticking out, as he waits earnestly for the great pig above the fire to finish roasting.

   Slowly and gradually the noise dies down. A frail and slender orc limps his way to the fire, hunched over with old age. He dresses in torn brown rags, not so different from the other orcs save for the long white beard dangling from his face. The others go silent and settle down as they seat themselves on the carved stones that circle the fire.

   Grotuk', a young orc boy, counts himself among the first to be seated. Even after eleven years of life, repeating the same tradition, this day remains his favorite of the week. On this day the orcs of the village gather together around the fire to keep alive the spirit of fellowship and family. They sing, they dance, and they enjoy a feast together. Then the shaman gathers them together to worship and to reflect on nature and the spirits thereof. This village like many is led by a shaman, and not a chieftain. They pride themselves in staying separate from the mainstream politics of larger towns and strongholds in the nation. They thrive on the timeless tradition and sacred beliefs of all orckind, and proudly keep them alive.

   The shaman opens his mouth to speak on nature, the spirits, and the gods. Though the music has long died down, in the beauty of the shaman's words Grotuk' hears a song of its own.



Copyright © by David B. Beaver . All rights reserved unless specified otherwise above.

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