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Donations Appreciated

Donations Appreciated

The "Nyx model"

Nyx is the world's first free Internet service, which I founded over 20 years ago, and which is still running under this model that I set up -- see It's now a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, but still follows the funding model I established back then: If you like it and want to donate, your donations go toward running and improving it. Donations are purely voluntary, so everything remains completely free. Nyx has flourished this way for a long time on donations, proving that you don't need to charge fees to provide good services (which was what I wanted to demonstrate when I created Nyx, and which I suspect has helped keep Internet access costs from being exorbitant, as they were heading back then). It's similar to the public radio/TV model, but in the "Nyx model" there's no government funding -- and no holding people hostage during fund drives. :-) Everything's low key, no pressure.

If you've enjoyed PartyOn, I certainly appreciate donations to cover my costs in making it available. Donations are 100% voluntary. If you like PartyOn and want to make a donation, I'd be very grateful. If not, just enjoy it.

If you feel the urge, you can donate via credit card (Visa/MC/Amex/Discover) or PayPal...

Regardless, I hope you enjoy PartyOn and find it useful!

--Andrew Burt